Our specialists for financing prepare suitable economic concepts. Thanks to many years of experience as a project developer for closed-end funds we have excellent contacts to international banks and investors. We closely cooperate with our partners in order to develop a sound financial concept which offers maximum flexibility and return on invest over the entire lifespan of the wind project.

Thanks to many years of experience we were able to competently meet the interest shown by German as well as international institutional investors at a very early stage, whereby mainly larger portfolios were planned and structured.

Our core services in this sector include feasibility calculations, liquidity plans and cash flow optimisation under consideration of the contractual and fiscal situation.



The selling of operational wind park projects as well as entire portfolios also lies with this sector. Our consistent, professional and transparent documentation of the individual projects allows us to comprehensively underline the quality of planning and realisation of our projects to our investors. We actively support the due diligence process by a careful, detailed and systematic evaluation, analysis and provision of all information required to the object in a data room. As we always strive for long term collaboration with our investors, our cooperation is characterised by a transparent and fair negotiation process.