Operational Management

Since the year 2000 our sister company ITEC-International has been responsible for all services connected to the technical and financial management of in particular wind turbines. Initially only responsible for the remote monitoring of Ventotec wind parks, ITEC has in the last years developed into one of Germany’s leading providers of comprehensive wind park management. Comprehensive market expertise as well as many years of experience ensure an optimal and efficient operation of portfolios managed by ITEC. Amongst the customers are investment companies, national and international groups of investors as well as institutional investors.


In order to ensure the best possible management results ITEC cooperates with specialist for amongst others software applications and technical assessments at a very early stage. Up to date computer technology combined with the continuous evaluation of the turbine output ensure permanent control – disorders can immediately be detected and repaired without unnecessary delays. This way the status of each turbine is always known and possible production losses due to turbine stand-still or failure are reduced to a minimum.

Another positive effect of the ITEC remote-monitoring concept: work done by external partners is extensively examined and evaluated. This allows us to optimise service and maintenance contracts with regard to possible weak points and risks.

Extensive knowledge about wind turbines and their components are the basis of successful management. But management is also a matter of trust: the extensive portfolio is proof of the fact that ITEC works responsibly in all points.