More than 15 years experience in the offshore-segment

Already early Ventotec discovered jointly with partners the offshore segment as growth market  and since then developed the market continously.

Since 2001 the Ventotec group is operating successfully in the offshore-market. From  many years experience in the demanding and complex licensing procedure

more than 200 offshore windfarms with a nominal capacity of more than  1,1 gigawatt were co-initiated. In the future we will examine the development of national and international projects.

Furthermore the development of floating platforms was significantly stimulated by the projects of Ventotec. The planning of offshore windfarms has special demands for the project developers: planning of network connection,

waterway, tides and the foundation are special challenges. The Ventotec group proved their expertise  in this area successfully.


Projects that have already been approved:


Windfarm Localization Realization
Global Tech 1 Nordsee Sub-Projects / Partners
Ventotec Ost 1 / Arcadis Ost 1 Ostsee Sub-Projects
Ventotec Ost 2 / Wikinger Ostsee Joint-Project with DEE & Arcadis
Klützer Winkel Ostsee Pilot Plant


Overview of the already developed offshore-windfarms: