Permit phase

After the evaluation of potential areas for wind energy on the grounds of planning legislation and requirements of nature conservation planning commences with the accompanying of the approval procedure.


Species protection

By carefully planning sites for turbines we are largely able to prevent negative environmental influences. An environmental impact assessment is mandatory for all bigger projects. All impacts on nature and landscape are evaluated and compensated.

In the course of the approval procedure according to the federal pollution control act (BImSchG) the impact of the planned wind park on fauna and flora is extensively assessed. The focus herby lies on protected bird and bat species. The bases for these are on the one hand species conservation mappings. Above that surveys are done by independent recognised experts with many years of experience.

Depending on the particular regulations and guidelines as well as the site specific conditions 12 to 18 months are scheduled for this.

Our nature protection department accompanies this phase from the commissioning of the experts over continuous contact to the experts to the evaluation of the expert results.



Urban land-use planning

If necessary regional planning procedures and proceedings to obtain permission to deviate from a planning objective are conducted, in addition urban and regional land use plans are drafted. After this the application documents are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the federal pollution control act and the permit approval procedure is started.

Naturally, when planning wind turbines the issues and legal fields to be considered are very complex and, accordingly, the submitted application documents are very extensive. Many of these documents, for example layout plans are provided by our own CAD-department, others are sourced from external experts or the manufacturer of the turbines. The actual approval process is accompanied intensively by our internal legal staff as well as external specialists.

The consideration of requirements of nature conservation in each step of planning is guaranteed. Often expert reports concerning the assessment of the situation of protected bird and bat species are already commissioned during the previous phase of planning. VENTOTEC coordinates and supervises the necessary expert surveys and at the same time plans and manages necessary compensatory measures as well as their implementation.