Scope of services

With to date over 759 Megawatt and an investment volume of over 1 Billion Euros the alliance belongs to biggest project developers and managers of renewable energy projects in Germany.



Planning phase

VENTOTEC offers many years of comprehensive knowledge in planning of wind park projects. In order to implement wind park projects successfully it is necessary to clarify important details at a very early stage. Only on optimal sites and with enough wind do projects provide the necessary yield.

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Permit phase

As soon as land is secured under private law, the acceptance for a project exists and the inclusion of the areas in the area and regional development plan is foreseeable, planning for the approval procedure begins.


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During the construction of a wind park close cooperation with the manufacturer of the turbines is essential. In our role as a general contractor we define the time schedule for construction and coordinate it with the manufacturer as well as all other companies involved in construction. Procedures are determined and dates for the construction phases are defined.


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Our specialists for financing prepare suitable economic concepts. Thanks to many years of experience as a project developer for closed-end funds we have excellent contacts to international banks and investors.


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Operational management

Professional business administration and technical operations management in the wind power industry. The main business is to provide the management of erected wind farms throughout Europe.


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Repowering means replacing first-generation wind turbines with modern ones. This offers advantages on many levels. By reducing the number of turbines by half and at the same time doubling power output by more efficiently utilising the sites, it is possible to achieve three times higher yields.


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