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To date the Ventotec GmbH has erected turbines with a total of over 750 Megawatt and an investment volume of over 1 Billion Euros and as such belongs to biggest German project developers and suppliers of comprehensive solutions in the wind branch.

Ventotec covers the entire range of services: from the conception of projects including, initial planning, application for permits to completion and commissioning of the turbines and finally marketing and selling of the project. In addition to this Ventotec is also able to organise the financing of the project.

Within the alliance, the technical and commercial management of renewable energy projects that are already operational is covered by the ITEC International GmbH. The company currently manages around 570MW of which 90% belong to external clients.

Ventotec is located in the town of Leer in lower Saxony. 60 people are employed in the renewable energy sector; they are responsible for project development and financing. Another 25 people are responsible for the supervision of turbines which are already operational; they ensure that the turbines operate smoothly. Managing directors of the Ventotec GmbH are Messrs. Helmer Stecker and Ralf Heinen; they control the entire renewable energy alliance from Leer.





Primarily responsible for establishing the renewable energy sector were Messrs. Helmer Stecker and Ralf Heinen. Besides their position as managing director they are also responsible for controlling the renewable energy alliance from Leer.



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VENTOTEC - Success Story

The Ventotec GmbH was founded in 1998. Starting as a conventional project developer, Ventotec successfully developed wind energy projects in Germany initially mainly for closed-end funds.




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Protecting nature sustainably

Climate change is the biggest danger for biodiversity. Generally the following can be said: Climate protection is always also protection of nature and species. None the less determining a site for wind turbines is usually connected with conflicts concerning the interests of environmental protection and in particular species protection.


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That is why we need wind power…

The life cycle assessment (LCA) of a wind turbine is excellent. During their life span wind turbines produce between 40 and 70 times as much energy as their production, operation and disposal requires (energetic amortization). If one considers the recycling of material in the LCA, a turbine even produces 90 times more energy. For this reason investments in wind turbines usually already pay off after three to seven months. No other form of electricity production offers such short energetic amortization times.


Become part of our team

The reason we have been so successful in the branch of renewable energies, is because or employees are so committed and because they represent their own points of view. Next to offering secure jobs, investing in training is very important to us.

If you love a challenge and working responsibly is important to you we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application.


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